Run your application at full speed while syncing your code for development, finally empowering you to utilize docker for development under OSX/Windows/Linux*


Developing with docker under OSX/ Windows is a huge pain, since sharing your code into containers will slow down the code-execution about 60 times (depends on the solution). Testing and working with a lot of the alternatives made us pick the best of those for each platform, and combine this in one single tool: docker-sync.


  • Support for OSX, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD
  • Runs on Docker for Mac, Docker for Windows and Docker Toolbox
  • Uses either native_osx, unison or rsync as possible strategies. The container performance is not influenced at all, see Performance
  • Very efficient due to the native_osx in depth
  • Without any dependencies on OSX when using (native_osx)
  • Backgrounds as a daemon
  • Supports multiple sync-end points and multiple projects at the same time
  • Supports user-remapping on sync to avoid permission problems on the container
  • Can be used with your docker-compose way or the integrated docker-compose way to start the stack and sync at the same time with one command
  • Using overlays to keep your production docker-compose.yml untouched and portable. See docker-compose.yml.
  • Supports Linux* to use the same toolchain across all platforms, but maps on a native mount in linux (no sync)
  • Besides performance being the first priority for docker-sync, the second is, not forcing you into using a specific docker solution. Use docker-for-mac, docker toolbox, VirtualBox, VMware Fusion or Parallels, xhyve or whatever!